Birds by Toikka

In the Nuutajärvi glass village, Finland in 1972 the Flycatchers (Sieppo) were born. The Flycatchers were a part of Nuutajärvi's collection that also included other pieces, and later the idea of a separate birds collection was born. In 1976 a much bigger and technically more challenging Kiikkuri bird was made for the first time. The Kiikkuri got some inspiration from the Pompom (Pampula) vases that were designed by Toikka some years earlier. In 1981 four new birds were launched: Pheasant, Ptarmigan, Willow Grouse and the Long-Tailed Duck. The birds soon became a part of the Pro Arte collection.

Soon the birds became very popular and many corporations started to give them as gifts, but it was actually in 1994 that the birds became a collection of their own called "Birds by Toikka". Since 1996 there has also been an annual bird made for each year. After the Birds by Toikka collection was born, the birds started to become famous also internationally. Today there are hundreds of different kinds of birds when you include all the variations.