Nanny Still

Nanny Still (1926-2009), graduated 1949 from the Art and Design School in Helsinki. After that she designed for Riihimäen lasi (glass factory in Riihimäki in Finland), and continued with this into the -70:s, although she married an American in 1958 and moved  to Bryssels in 1959, and there also designed for others (Rosenthal for instance).   Nanny Still designed both art glass objects and utility objects.   During her career she has designed almost anything from jewelry to frying pans.

tall cylindrical glass vases/bottles come in a wide spectrum of beautiful colours with a nice range of delicate shades.   The vases can be enjoyed individually but are often displayed in pairs or goups.   All these vases are hand made in Riihimäki, Finland and are old, and hence used.    As judging the colour from photos is difficult, and the impression is much influenced by light and background, we have now added more photos of our vases, taken on different occasions, and also in combination with others that we have.   This hopefully will be of help if you are planning to combine a vase with other vases in a group.

For identification of individual vases we have now named them A, B, C... etc
The vases are usually about 6cm in diameter, and 31-34cm high. Some are slightly thicker and about 6,5cm wide.

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